Best Bang For Your Buck Mustang Modifications


Unless you have an unlimited budget, odds are you often wonder what the next modification is you can make to your Mustang that will give you the best bang for your buck. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of the best bang for your buck Mustang modifications – use this as a starting point when you are thinking about the next modification for your Mustang.

1 – Air Intake and Tune ($500-$850)

While these are typically two separate modifications, we are pairing them together as they are widely available as a kit. Upgrading your Mustang’s air intake will increase airflow to your Mustang, and an improved tune can help take more advantage of that and increase overall performance of your Mustang. Best of all, this modification can usually be installed in an afternoon, leaving you ready to cruise around and tear up the streets with your newly found horsepower!


2 – Rear End Gears ($180 +$400 for installation)

Rear end gears can greatly improve the acceleration of your Mustang and help get it into and stay in your Mustang’s powerband. While the gears themselves are relatively inexpensive, with quality kits coming in at about $180, unless you are experienced with this type of modification, expect to find a reputable shop to do the installation, which can cost around $400. However, it’ll totally be worth it that first time you stomp on the gas and feel you pushed in the back of your seat.


3 – Mustang Nitrous Kit ($500)

150 extra horsepower at the touch of a button? Yes please! That’s what you can get when you install a nitrous oxide kit in your Mustang. Entry level Mustang nitrous kits are relatively inexpensive, checking in at about $500, and provide all the components you need to get a basic installation going. Depending on your needs, you may end up spending a bit more if you want extra goodies like a window switch, bottle heater, and other trick accessories.


4 – Drag Radials ($300-$500)

All of the horsepower in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get it planted to the ground! A good set of tires, such as a set of Mustang drag radials, can drastically reduce your reaction and 60ft times, translating to quicker ¼ mile times and higher speeds. Be sure to understand how “streetable” the set of drag radials are and whether or not they are approved for street use if you plan on keeping them on all the time, otherwise, you may want to invest in another set of Mustang wheels specific for your drag radials.


5 – Mustang Lowering Springs ($200-$500)

Improved appearance, a more aggressive stance, and increased handling and responsiveness are all things you can expect from a good set of Mustang lowering springs. Most shade-tree mechanics can accomplish the installation of a set of lowering springs within a day using common tools, but if you are really lowering your Mustang, you may also want to look into installing some complementing components, such as offset rack bushings, shocks and struts, and caster/camber plates.


6 – Cat-Back & Axle-Back Exhaust Kits ($400-$1,000)

Get a great sound and improved performance with the installation of a cat-back or axle-back exhaust kit for your Mustang. These kits are the final part of your Mustang’s exhaust, usually including the mufflers, some pipes and the exit tips. Several options are available for most every year and trim of Mustang, and installation can be done by even beginner Mustang enthusiasts with basic tools and a nice afternoon.

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