Mustang Gifts for Under $50

mustang women's t-shirt

Whether it’s the holiday season, an upcoming birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day, or for any occasion at all, we’ve compiled a list of great Mustang related gifts for under $50 that the Mustang enthusiast in your life is sure to love. Read below on some of our top picks.

Mustang Key Chains – $5 to $20mustang key chain

Show a little bit of your own style and make finding your keys a bit easier with a classy Mustang-themed key chain. There are a ton of different key chains available for your Mustang enthusiast, but a couple of our favorites include the classi running pony (with and without the tri-bar background) and the Ford oval. For a Mustang Cobra enthusiast, key chains with the SVT logo or the Cobra emblem are a perfect choice.

Mustang Signs – $15 to $50

mustang-parking-only-signAdd some flare to your garage, office or room with Mustang-themed signs. Often showing off a Mustang-related logo, images of cars, or even Mustang-only parking, Mustang signage is a great gift for most any Mustang enthusiast looking to show of their Mustang pride. For the garage, we highly recommend some of the Mustang-related logos, or a classic “Mustang-only” parking sign. For the office, a nice, classy Mustang logo or street sign is a great touch.

Mustang License Plate Frames – $20 to $50

mustang license plateThere aren’t too many exterior modifications that you can make to a Mustang for under $50, but a license plate frame is one of them! A nice license plate frame helps protect your Mustang’s license plate from bending, but it also helps offer a nice bit of style and finishing touch. License plate frames come in a variety of finishes, including polished stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and powdercoated, with countless options for logos and designs.

Mustang Fender Cover – $25 to $40

mustang fender coverThe Mustang enthusiast in your life probably loves to pop open the hood and work on their Mustang – whether it be regular maintenance, a tune up, or adding some new trick goodies. While working on the Mustang, be sure to help them protect it with a Mustang Fender Cover. Placed over the fender, these covers give a protective layer between the fender and anything that may come in contact with it, such as a person, tools, fluids, etc. For $25 to $40, it’s a great gift to help your Mustang enthusiast protect their baby.

Mustang Calendars – $10 to $20

2017 mustang calendarPacked with at least 12 awesome photos of Mustangs in scenic locations, a Mustang calendar is a fantastic gift idea for any Mustang enthusiast. The calendar can be hung up most anywhere and is especially helpful in an office or in the garage. Most Mustang calendars are available for $10 to $20, but some Mustang parts suppliers even offer them for free along with a purchase, so be sure to be on the lookout for those deals!

Mustang Clothing & Apparel – $15 to $50

mustang women's t-shirtIt really is hard to go wrong with a hoodie, hat or t-shirt with a Mustang logo emblazoned on it. Depending on the choice of clothing, you can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $50, but your $50 budget will be sure to give you plenty of options for clothing, styles, colors and prints. With the popularity of the Mustang brand, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from, and the Mustang enthusiast in your life is sure to love it!

Mustang Car Care Products – $10 to $40

chemical guys car care kitOne thing a Mustang enthusiast can never have too much of are products to help them keep their Mustang clean and show ready! Polishes, waxes, buffing pads, and more are available at your local auto store and on several online retailers, and range anywhere from $10 to $40. Before purchasing though, be sure to ask or check your Mustang enthusiast’s current inventory in case there is a brand or type of cleaning product they prefer.

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