Mustang Nitrous Kit Buying Guide

Installing a nitrous kit on your Mustang is arguably one of the best bang for your buck modifications you can make for instant increases in horsepower and see quicker quarter-mile times, not to mention the sheer enjoyment from having an extra 75-150 horses at the touch of a button! The market for nitrous kits has seen significant growth recently as this add-on becomes more popular amongst Mustang and other car enthusiasts, and advances in technology now offers up several options to choose from when picking your nitrous kit. In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the options available from different manufacturers to help you choose the right nitrous kit for your Mustang.

“Wet” versus “Dry” Nitrous Kits

Before we jump right into the different options, we need to cover off on one of the biggest differences you’ll see in nitrous kits – deciding between a “wet” kit or a “dry” kit. Both styles of kits aim to deliver the same end result of creating additional power by adding nitrous oxide and increasing the fuel in the intake mixture. “Wet” nitrous kits accomplish this by injecting a nitrous oxide and fuel mixture directly into the intake through a single nozzle – it’s this addition of fuel into the air intake charge that the kit receives its description as being a “wet” kit. Wet nitrous kits are considered relatively safe and easier for installation. Alternatively, a “dry” nitrous kit still injects nitrous oxide into the intake, however, rather than injecting fuel into the air intake charge, a dry nitrous kit works with the existing fuel system to increase the amount of fuel through the fuel injectors. Dry nitrous kits sometimes require additional components, such larger injectors, to complete the installation and making certain you have your tune really dialed in – because of this, dry nitrous kits are often considered a bit more difficult and possibly more expensive to install. Keep these considerations in mind as you pick the right nitrous kit for your Mustang.

Nitrous Outlet X-Series

Type: Wet Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 200HP

Price: $460

The Nitrous Outlet X-Series system is designed for Mustang enthusiasts and racers on a budget. It’s a no-frills, ready-to-go kit that includes all the necessary components needed for a basic installation. This universal kit comes with a 10lb bottle, along with all of the necessary hoses, solenoids, wiring, relays and hardware to install in most any EFI application. Because this is a budget-builder kit, expect to pay extra for options such as a purge system, and while the system can support 200 horsepower, it only comes with jets for 75, 100, and 150 horsepower configurations.

Nitrous Outlet Wet Direct Port Nitrous Kit

Type: Wet, Direct Port

Max Horsepower: 800HP

Price: $1,100

Wet direct port nitrous systems deliver a nitrous-fuel mixture directly into each cylinder, and Nitrous Outlet’s line of direct port nitrous kits deliver. Available in single and multiple stages, these kits include the typical components needed in a nitrous kit, such as bottle, hoses and solenoids, but also include the hard tubes and additional direct port nozzles needed to add up to 800 horsepower to your Mustang. Because of the additional components involved in direct port kits, you can expect to pay a fair bit more than a single nozzle system.

Nitrous Outlet Universal Dry Nitrous Kit

Type: Dry Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 500HP

Price: $375

Nitrous Outlet’s Universal Dry Nitrous Kit uses a single nozzle to deliver a nitrous-oxide-only into your Mustang’s intake charge. This simplicity keeps the list of nitrous components and installation relatively small, but requires additional work and components to beef up your fuel delivery system and tuning to account for the added nitrous oxide. This kit comes out of the box ready to deliver 200 horsepower in your Mustang, but is capable of supporting up to 500HP.

Nitrous Express Ford EFI Single Nozzle Kit

Type: Wet Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 250HP

Price: $720

Nitrous Express offers their Ford EFI Single Nozzle kit. This universal EFI kit supports up to 250 horsepower, with jets included in the kit for 35, 50, 75, 100 or 150 horsepower, so you can dial in just the right amount of extra power for your Mustang. Priced with a 10lb bottle, the kit includes all of the necessary stainless steel braided hosing, electronics and hardware to get this kit installed, including their NX Lightning solenoids that eliminate sharp turns and expansion areas in the nitrous path. Similar to the other kits in this price range, this one does not include a purge kit.

Nitrous Express Wet Direct Port Nitrous Kit

Type: Wet Direct Port

Max Horsepower: 500HP

Price: $1,299

Direct port nitrous kits can support massive amounts of extra power, and Nitrous Express’ Wet Direct Port Nitrous Kit is among the best. This kit offers everything you need to plumb and install a direct port nitrous system for your Mustang, including the stainless steel braided hoses, stainless hard lines, solenoids, electronics and wiring and all necessary hardware. Capable of at least 500 horsepower, this kit comes loaded with jets to dial in between 200 and 500 horsepower. Four solenoids, two for nitrous and two for fuel, help ensure adequate delivery of the giggle gas.

Nitrous Express Universal Dry EFI System

Type: Dry Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 150HP

Price: $490

One of their most basic kits, the Nitrous Express Universal Dry EFI System is a kit that can be installed on most any EFI application, including your Mustang. This system is perfect for budget-conscious racers looking for some added power, capable of handling up to 150 horsepower with the included jetting. Like any other dry nitrous system, you’ll need to make sure you have an appropriate tune and adequate fuel delivery to compensate for the added nitrous in the intake charge. Priced with a 10lb bottle, this is an excellent option for getting into the nitrous game.

Nitrous Express Incognito System

Type: Dry Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 35HP

Price: $295

Let’s face it, any edge you can get against your competition can help, and the Nitrous Express Incognito System helps give your Mustang that extra edge in a super-sneaky fashion. Equipped with a compact 16oz (1lb) bottle, this kit is meant to be installed in a concealed location, supporting up to 35 extra horsepower to help give you just enough to get passed your closest competition. This kit is recommended for those looking for a little extra power while keeping things on the down-low. While this is a dry nozzle kit, the small amount of nitrous means most factory fuel injectors should be fine, just be sure to get an appropriate tune.

ZEX Innovation EFI Universal Wet Nitrous Kit

Type: Wet Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 125HP

Price: $610

ZEX has really worked to provide a kit that removes as much guessing out of the equation as possible and make installation of a nitrous kit in your Mustang easy. Their universal EFI wet nitrous kit for V8 engines supports up to 125 horsepower and includes their Nitrous Management Unit, which houses all of the major solenoids and components in a single, compact unit. The standard kit comes with components powder coated in an eye-catching purple, but their “blackout” option is available for those looking for something a bit more subtle. With multiple fuel tap fittings and jets to configure the right amount of power, this kit is great for nitrous beginners and more advanced enthusiasts alike.

ZEX Innovation EFI Universal Dry Nitrous Kit

Type: Dry Nozzle

Max Horsepower: 125HP

Price: $537

ZEX Innovation provides a dry nitrous variation of their universal EFI nitrous kit, complete with the Nitrous Management Unit to help keep the installation as easy as possible. Similar to their wet nitrous kit, all necessary components are included in the kit and come by default with a catchy purple finish. Being a dry kit and with all of the solenoids and components contained in the Nitrous Management Unit, this kit offers one of the easiest and most compact installs, short of a stealth kit like the Nitrous Express Incognito Kit.


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